Political Right Strongly Supportive of Seceding from the United States

The divide between red states and blue states in America is perhaps more apparent than it’s ever been. Right now, the vast majority of red states are supportive of freedom, individual choice, and conservative policies.

Meanwhile, blue states are implementing mandates, high taxes, and senseless regulations. As time passes, it’s looking more and more like there’s no compromise to be had between the right and the left.

Most folks on the right want to be left alone and make their own choices. Meanwhile, most folks on the left want to control and dominate others; leftists believe that only their way is the right way and everyone else must be bullied into submission.

As a result of all this, much of the political right is strongly supportive of red states seceding from what is now the United States, as Breitbart News confirms.

The Latest University of Virginia (UVA) Center Poll

A poll taken by the UVA speaks volumes about where many Trump supporters stand on red states seceding from the rest of the union. 52% of Americans who cast their vote for Trump told UVA they’d like red states to break from their blue counterparts.

There’s more, though. 41% of Americans who voted for Biden likewise expressed backing for blue states to secede from their red counterparts. More than five in ten Trump voters and Biden voters are also of the view that voting for the opposing party is a reprehensible act.

Four in ten of Trump voters and Biden voters likewise favor increasing the power of the president and striking down checks and balances in the federal government.

Larry J. Sabato, the director of the UVA Center for Politics, had some words to say about the findings of this poll. Sabato described the division between Americans who voted for Trump and Americans who voted for Biden as “dangerous” and very deep.

He also expressed an interest in healing these divides and reaching common ground. Time will tell whether or not this is even possible. Judging from the UVA’s poll, many Americans don’t seem to think so.

Beyond the Point of Unity?

Coronavirus has undoubtedly worsened the divides that already existed between red voters and blue voters, Republicans and Democrats. Looking forward, it doesn’t seem like much of a path towards unity exists anymore.

There needs to be common ground in order for two sides to find unity. Right now, there’s no common ground to be had between people who want to be left alone and the other group aiming to force their choices onto others.

What do you think about the idea of red states and blue states permanently splitting from one another? Do you think seceding in this manner is even feasible? Sound off below in the comments section.