Poll: Most US Citizens See Russia as America’s Enemy

The Russian government isn’t doing itself any favors these days.

Due to its continuous warfare against the nation of Ukraine, Russia’s been hit with one series of sanctions after the next.

Moreover, the various war crimes that Russian troops are committing in the nation have drawn international outrage. There are already calls for Putin himself to be tried before the Hague.

Meanwhile, growing numbers of businesses across the world are shutting down all operations with Russia, along with Belarus, one of Russia’s top allies.

Now, a brand new poll is out and it shows how the majority of the American people view the Russian regime, according to The Hill.

What American Citizens Really Think of Russia

A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that exactly seven in ten US citizens view Russia as America’s enemy. Earlier this year, only 41% of Americans declared Russia to be an enemy of the United States.

The findings from Pew Research Center aren’t all that shocking, given the facts.

In addition to Russia unleashing one war crime after the next against Ukraine, the regime has also been repeatedly threatening the United States.

Officials within Putin’s regime are likewise making flippant comments about the United States and the West, in general. In 2022, tensions between America and Russia are about as high as they’ve ever been.

That’s also not to mention the repeated lies coming from Putin and his regime about America’s supposed interest in toppling Russia.

New Sanctions Against the Russian Regime

In the wake of Russia’s newest war crimes, the United States has implemented additional sanctions against Russia. This time, the new sanctions will hit close to home for Putin, as his adult daughters are impacted.

Some officials have warned that sanctions against Russia are not enough, in light of how the country is still brutalizing Ukraine.

Sanctions against the Russian regime come in addition to the US ceasing to purchase oil from the country. Granted, this decision came after Biden was put under a fair amount of pressure for quite some time.

There is no telling how much longer the war in Ukraine will carry out, at this point. Putin, for what it’s worth, is showing absolutely no signs of planning to back down.

In fact, some officials say the more Putin believes he’s being forced into a corner, the likelier he is to lash out. Weeks ago, the Russian president already had his nation’s nuclear forces put into position for action.

What do you think of this latest poll showing how most American citizens view Russia? Do you believe Russia is an enemy of the United States? In the comments area, we’d love to know your thoughts about Russia and the nation’s battle against Ukraine.