Prestigious Gun Maker Group Relocates to Tennessee

The Democrat Party has rallied behind the anti-gun, pro-control movement. Despite the many instances proving that gun control does not work, the left continues to faithfully stand by it.

If gun control was effective, there wouldn’t be countless crimes in Chicago (and other inner cities) committed with guns. Criminals don’t read “gun free zone” signs and then turn around and walk the other way; they read these signs and know the chance of a good person being armed is slim to none.

Democrats’ policies always ensure failure. More and more, that’s becoming apparent in leftist states. Last month, Breitbart News reported that Smith & Wesson, a prestigious gun maker group, is ditching blue Massachusetts for red Tennessee.

Making the Move to a Red State

On Thursday, Smith & Wesson announced to America their headquarters are going to be relocating to Maryville, Tennessee. The departure from Massachusetts comes as the blue state embraces gun control measures that could hamper Smith & Wesson’s abilities to create merchandise.

Mark Smith, the CEO and president of Smith & Wesson, also had some remarks about the move to Tennessee. Smith explained this decision came after a lot of thought and evaluation. Ultimately, the gun maker group believes this transition is in their best interests.

Additional entities to weigh in on Smith & Wesson’s move to Tennessee include the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). As a result of this transition, NSSF says the state of Tennessee will gain 750 new jobs and additional resources.

Smith & Wesson, to date, remains one of the most popular and established gun makers. There’s absolutely no doubt the decision to set up their headquarters and operations in Tennessee will do the state a whole lot of good.

Breaking Free from Tyrannical Blue States

Over the past 18 months, a new pattern in America has picked up and accelerated. This pattern entails Americans leaving horrific and tyrannical blue states for free and open red states.

Some Americans love living under the control of the government; however many others do not and are making their choices accordingly. There’s no wonder that thousands of people per day are moving to Florida.

It’s also no wonder that California lost a congressional seat and people are leaving New York for red states. Putting aside the tyrannical mandates that Democrat leaders keep embracing, the sky high taxes and excessive business regulations make blue states unbearable.

Smith & Wesson isn’t the first organization to leave a blue state for a red state…and they certainly won’t be the last. Red states will continue to pick up business from their blue counterparts, along with jobs, residents, and other assets.

The current patterns happening in America will only keep playing out as the tyrannical left further digs in its heels.