Racist Nurse Quits Her Job After Uproar

The aftermath of Roe v. Wade being overturned has exposed some big fault lines in this country’s culture.

While part of the country is celebrating this as a victory for life and one step forward in doing more to save unborn life, another part of the country is outraged that women’s freedom to choose is being limited.

For the far left, however, this has somehow become about race as well. The idea is “white males” are overturning the right to choose.

They claim this, even though the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision was made by a diversity of people including a black man (Justice Clarence Thomas) and a woman (Justice Amy Coney Barrett).

Illinois Nurse Goes Berserk

One of those on the far left who went berserk is a nurse under the Twitter username Shawna Lynn.

Lynn went on a rant on social media, saying she would decide not to “prescribe meds” to white males who voted “conservative.”

She wouldn’t be giving any more “viagra,” Lynn tweeted, saying those suffering from erectile problems would have to pray to “God” for the power of having an erection instead.

She then got a ton of backlash for her lame jokes and deleted her account soon after.

It turns out Lynn is a real nurse and works at a prestigious medical facility in Illinois. The controversy grew; the center said the nurse ended up quitting her job, due to the controversy and also apologized to them.

She said her “hateful words” were something she is “deeply sorry” for and they don’t reflect the real level of professionalism and care she provides to all patients.

She also apologized for hurting the reputation of her former employer, the Sarah Lincoln Health facility.

Nurse Issues Apology

The nurse’s apology for her “wonderful” organization showed the left is losing a lot of ground right now in the culture war.

Despite big tech still being very biased in favor of liberals, there is less and less ability for the far left to say whatever they want without consequences to their private lives and jobs.

This is very good news, because it’s been far too long the radical left in this country has been handed a blank check to threaten, mock, and engage in racism whenever they wish.

The avalanche of racist statements and threats against Justice Clarence Thomas is still very disturbing and should also be resulting in stricter discipline on social media networks as well.

We can’t live in a country and engage in free speech on platforms that only regulate one side.

Either open it up and allow anything short of violent threats, or fairly enforce rules against hate speech on both sides. There are no other viable options.