Rebellion Against Liberal Elites Ramps Up in Europe

The problems being faced by our economy are also being felt around the world.

One of the worst affected groups is farmers, especially in Europe, which is already struggling with sky-high fertilizer prices and restrictions from their far-left governments.

Now, Dutch farmers in Holland have had enough. They are blocking out the streets and showing elites they won’t take it anymore.

This comes after the Dutch government put in place such strict “environmental” laws that many farms will no longer be able to operate.

It comes as Bill Gates and other globalists ramp up efforts to buy farmland in America and Europe, plant soy, and raise non-meat alternatives.

Farmers Hit the Streets

With scenes that seem inspired by Canada’s freedom convoy, thousands and thousands of Dutch farmers have been blocking roads, burning down huge piles of hay, and holding loud rallies to protest their elitist government’s attempt to kill their livelihood.

It turns out when you try to rip the beating heart of a country and throw it in the trash, there tends to be some resistance.

If you were told tomorrow by a bunch of rich liberal elites that your job was gone and you and your family no longer matter at all, how would you feel?

These are not just a few people gathering in the street, either. We are talking about upwards of 40,000 farmers and supporters who popped up all across the Netherlands, including near the German border.

German farmers hopped in their tractors and came to show support as well. The revolt against leftists running the Netherlands is ramping up. Agenda 2030 ideology is coming under increasingly tough scrutiny.

What Do Farmers Want?

Farmers want a referendum about the proposed cuts to ammonia and nitrogen emissions by 50% by 2030. This will force many farms to close.

The Netherlands is a huge agricultural exporter, so the introduction of these restrictions right as the world faces a food crisis coming out of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is very bad timing.

The elites tell people these cuts are just for the good of everyone, but a paltry government welfare check is all most of them will be getting once their farms are auctioned off and taken over.

Dutch people aren’t all pot-smoking liberals from Amsterdam who just believe what the government tells them.

Regular folks, especially those who work with manure for a living, recognize bullsh*t when they see it.

The Bottom Line

The protests in the Netherlands are only growing. They don’t look set to stop anytime soon. When similar protests happened in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ran and hid.

How will Dutch leadership respond? So far, they seem angry and not interested in hearing these farmers out, with shots even being fired by police at some of the protesters.