Red States Leading the Nation in Job Recovery

Red states and blue states have essentially carried out opposite responses to COVID, nearly since its inception.

While states led by Republican governors did initially implement some restrictions during the onset of the virus, Democrat governors put measures in place that they haven’t relinquished to this day.

In the vast majority of red states, businesses are open and people are living their lives in normal respects. Meanwhile, in most blue states, vaccine passports are in full effect.

In New York and California, for instance, people have to show their vaccination papers if they want to eat at restaurants, work out in gyms, or otherwise have access to most public facilities.

Seeing as red states and blue states ultimately responded to COVID in very different ways, their economic recoveries mirror the divides also, according to Fox Business.

A Perfect Case Study: Texas vs. New York

The stark contrast between how Texas and New York have responded to COVID is like night and day.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has employed executive action to ban mask mandates and vaccine mandates; meanwhile, in Governor Kathy Hochul’s New York, people who don’t show their COVID vaccination papers are essentially barred from most of society.

Last month, per the Texas Workforce Commission, news broke that Texas accumulated almost 13 million jobs. This momentum currently marks a higher rate of employment than the Lone Star State enjoyed even before COVID.

Meanwhile, New York is in the opposite boat. The Empire State has presently failed to win back even close to 66% of the employment they lost due to the virus. Furthermore, New York’s rate of joblessness is far higher than the national median.

Bigger Troubles Ahead for Blue States

The discrepancies between red states and blue states extend far beyond the differences in job recovery. While rampant unemployment is a huge issue for Democrat-run states, so are the high rates of people leaving these communities altogether.

Over the course of this month alone, reports have broken out about U-hauls running out of trucks to supply, due to so many people leaving states like California.

Meanwhile, red states like Arizona, Florida, and Texas are getting new residents each and every day.

In fact, back in 2021, Florida reached a historic milestone of having more Republican voters than voters who are Democrats; this milestone directly lines up with the thousands of people relocating to the Sunshine State.

With Democrats doubling down on COVID restrictions and mandates, leaders of these blue states should expect to see more people leaving in 2022.

What do you think about the massive differences between red states and blue states in the country? Let us know in the comments area below if you think these divides will essentially lead to two Americas.