Rep. Cori Bush Spends Thousands on Private Security While Calling to Defund Police

Democrats are, at best, conflicted about whether or not the official policy of their party involves defunding law enforcement.

Time and time again, Democrats from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi on down have argued their party isn’t about defunding the police. However, this is far from a unanimous outlook.

Several Democratic lawmakers continue to support the defund the police factions of the party. Then, there are others who don’t just show sympathy to this wing, but also outrightly support the measure.

Democrat Rep. Cori Bush falls into this category without debate.

Yet, despite all of Bush’s advocacy for stripping funding away from law enforcement, she’s still paying thousands of dollars for private security of her own, per Fox News.

The Problem With Bush’s Support for Defunding Police

According to reports from her campaign’s quarterly spending, Bush spent $70,489 so far this year on her own private security.

This is more than some people make in one year; yet, despite this, Bush remains adamant that there’s nothing wrong with defunding police in society.

In the current election cycle, the congresswoman’s private security expenditure has shaken out to the tune of $304,152. Yet, when questioned about how this conflicts with her support for defunding law enforcement, Bush is often angered.

According to the Missouri Democrat, she could lose her life without access to private security. However, she doesn’t seem to understand that if police are defunded, many everyday folks will lose their lives as well.

The majority of Americans are not in the position to shell out six-figure payments for personal security at their beck and call.

Horror Stories From Defunding the Police

As Cori Bush advocates for the takedown of law enforcement, she doesn’t have to live with the consequences of this policy.

Sadly, everyday Americans cannot say the same thing. Since police were defunded in various cities, homicide, rapes, burglaries, and other violent crimes have been on the rise.

Taking funding away from law enforcement might as well send a beacon to every criminal that it’s open season for them to offend with a much lower likelihood of being legally held accountable.

On some level, Bush is aware of this. It explains why she is willing to pour so much money into having private security of her own, insisting that she’d end up dying without it.

Sadly, many innocent people have already died since communities defunded the police. If Bush gets her way, many more folks will lose their lives unnecessarily.

What do you think about Cori Bush calling to defund the police, despite having spent hundreds of thousands of bucks on private security for herself? In the comments field down below, let us know what you think about all of this.