Report: Inflation Having Worst Impacts on Poor Americans

It’s par for the course for left-wing politicians to talk about how fighting for the middle class and the most vulnerable Americans is their mission. Democrats routinely claim their policies are geared to help everyone and not just folks on top.

Republicans have repeatedly pointed out Democrats’ rhetoric doesn’t match the outcome of the policies they support. For instance, pushing policies like COVID vaccine mandates that drive Americans out of the workforce hurts workers and businesses alike.

However, of all the consequences stemming from Democrats’ policies, inflation takes the cake. This is a problem that’s having an especially devastating impact on poor Americans, as Fox Business documents.

The Reality of Inflation for Poor Americans

Earlier this week, the Joint Economic Committee Republicans revealed increasing prices for basic necessities is having the worst impact on individuals with few economic resources.

Individuals in rural areas are also feeling the harshest impacts of inflation, especially when it comes to higher gas prices. Rural Americans are more in need of gas than ever; having to shell out more money for this essential resource can lead to other areas of their lives facing shortages.

The Joint Economic Committee Republicans likewise showed as inflation continues to rise, it’s outpacing gains from employment over the past several months. This means when the Biden administration boasts of more jobs, they’re not talking about inflation eating away at workers’ earnings.

Americans with fewer resources tend to spend more of their money on food, housing, and transportation. With inflation massively hitting these areas, it only makes situations worse for more economically vulnerable individuals.

How to Stop Inflation in America

The economy is going to get much worse (particularly for the middle class and working class) if inflation continues on its present course. It is for this reason that stopping inflation in the United States is so paramount.

The very first step to stopping inflation is cutting back on spending. Contrary to claims from the president, America cannot spend its way out of inflation. If Congress continues to pass more spending bills from the Biden administration, prices will continue to rise.

Even Biden and Harris are admitting inflation is real now. Days ago, Biden stood before the country and laughingly asked if Americans ever expected to be paying the current rates for a gallon of gas.

Not long after this, Harris admitted gas and grocery prices are “up.” Despite what the White House wants the country to believe, inflation is not “transitory” either; inflation is instead a result of reckless, wasteful, and yet preventable spending.

What do you think about this latest economic report confirming inflation is having the worst impacts on poor people in the United States? We’re curious to read your takeaways in the comments section below.