Republicans Double Down Against Hunter Biden

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is making headlines lately with new statements about the investigation into Hunter Biden and his activities.

In particular, McCarthy is warning those intelligence community members who lied about Hunter’s laptop, falsely saying they had evidence it was part of a Russian plot, will be investigated and held accountable.

After the dark content in Hunter’s laptop leaked to the world in the fall of 2020, more than 50 members of America’s intelligence community signed onto assurances that it was not important. They said it was just an attempt to manipulate our election by Russia.

They were lying. Now, McCarthy and others want to find out just how much they knew, when they knew it, and exactly why they lied.

Key Questions Need Answering

Several big question marks continue to wander in the heads of McCarthy and many others.

What motivated the intelligence community to lie so blatantly about Hunter’s laptop and potentially cover for sex trafficking and foreign collusion proof on that laptop?

To what extent may they have endangered our national security by engaging in those lies?

The officials wrote that much of the content of the emails found on Hunter’s laptop was about the time he worked for a Ukrainian gas company called Burisma. They said it was simply a classic Russian disinformation operation.

Former Director of National Intelligence Chief James Clapper said this was just a tactic by Russia to swing the election away from Joe Biden.

His unfounded claims were echoed by many lackies in the intelligence community who decided to side with power over truth and accuracy.

What’s perhaps equally disturbing is how these seasoned operatives somehow believed they wouldn’t be exposed for their blatant misinformation. Most likely, they knew they would be, but felt it was worth taking the fall to save the election for Biden.

Look where our country is now.

Establishment Spooks Lie Through Their Teeth

It wasn’t just Clapper who crapped the bed. Many other important names at the ClA signed the letter at the time, including Leon Panetta and John Brennan. We have to be frank; this crap is just embarrassing.

McCarthy instigated several questions that remain unanswered. If there is illegitimate or placed content on the laptop, what exactly is it and what is the proof of it?

What is legitimate in laptop content? What’s the real point of the letter from these spies?

Who was the person who ordered the signing part of the ClA itself or was subject to an outside request? Was the request made by someone from the Biden campaign?

If you’re starting to see smoke, it’s because we’re getting close to the fire.

The Bottom Line

We’re heading into the midterms quite soon.

McCarthy has a chance to become Speaker of the House. His promises of a deep investigation aren’t just hollow; he has the chance to put Chris Wray and many others under intense heat.

Republicans also promise they will subpoena Hunter Biden to clarify the whole case. Keep your eyes on this unfolding situation. The American people deserve answers.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.