Republicans Gaining More Voters Amid Democrats’ Inflation Crisis

At this time, the Democrat Party is doing everything it possibly can to avoid being tied to inflation. Yet, in spite of this, the connection still very much stands.

Claims from leaders like Pelosi and Biden that assert government spending is actually reducing the federal deficit are just outrightly false.

Meanwhile, as the White House faults the leader of Russia for inflation, Americans are well aware that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine occurred months after US inflation began.

Various polls continue to show Democrats are in trouble. However, a brand new poll confirms that as a result of inflation, more voters are defecting from Democrats and turning to the Republican Party, per Breitbart News.

A Shift in Partisan Support

According to a new survey from the Wall Street Journal, 35% of Hispanic and black voters, along with 28% of white voters, maintain that inflation is having negative economic impacts on their lives.

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal also revealed surges in minority support for the Republican Party.

For instance, amongst Hispanic voters, there’s a nine-point Republican lead. Meanwhile, black voters’ support for Republicans stands at 27%, a rate that is over double what it used to be.

Across the board, Americans of all races and backgrounds trust Republicans more than Democrats to restrain inflation. It turns out people want real solutions to higher prices, not just an administration that will finger-point and claim Putin is responsible.

How Republicans are Winning on Policies and Merit

Republicans have long claimed their party has the best policies that will better the lives of the American people.

If the latest data from the Wall Street Journal is any indication, it looks as though more and more Americans are starting to agree with this sentiment.

Democrats control the House of Representatives, the White House, and the Senate; yet, the party is blaming the Russian president for issues here in the United States, like expensive gas fees and inflation.

Playing the blame game doesn’t really help anyone. It certainly doesn’t bring down costs for everyday Americans, nor does it provide relief to families living paycheck-to-paycheck as everything begins to cost more money.

Biden’s 2020 campaign was centered around a vow to “Build Back Better.” Thus far, there has yet to be a single industry or sector in the nation that is better off from having Biden and the Democrats in charge.

This explains why the Wall Street Journal and other polls going back months show rising support for the GOP and declining trust in Biden and the Democrat Party.

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