Research into Mass Shootings Disproves Common Leftist Narrative

Whenever mass shootings happen in the United States, Democrats immediately rush to blame Republicans and demand more gun control. The leftist argument here is that further cracking down on the Second Amendment is necessary to stop bad people from taking lives.

Unfortunately for Democrats, this narrative just doesn’t hold water. For one thing, criminals are more inclined to target “gun-free zones” than they are to target places where people are armed and ready to defend themselves.

Secondly, a new study from Colorado-based researchers shows there’s not a link between higher rates of gun ownership and more mass shootings, per the Daily Mail.

The study focused on mass shootings that happened in this country from 2014 to 2022. As it turns out, Washington DC, a community known for its gun control, had the highest per capita mass shooting rates.

Meanwhile, Illinois also ranked pretty high up on the list of mass shootings in America, despite its heavy gun control restrictions.

Democrats are not going to draw attention to this study or be honest about what its implications truly are. In the meantime, what researchers in Colorado discovered simply serves as proof that barring people from defending themselves is not the answer.

If the United States wants to seriously put an end to mass shootings, then we have to start looking at factors other than the guns. Mental health, for instance, is very important.

There has to be a review of what mental health-related issues have a higher likelihood of motivating people to harm others.

There was a time when guns were readily accessible, yet mass shootings were nothing like they are today. Only looking at guns is a cop-out. It also fails to take the necessary steps to increase society’s overall safety levels.

If there aren’t effective and sincere measures taken to address these matters, then mass shootings will continue claiming innocent lives.