Rittenhouse Trial Leads to Deeper Discussions on Gun Ownership

On Friday, the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial reached a verdict of not guilty. This verdict arrived after weeks of the trial and days of jury deliberations.

Throughout this time, the left deployed every arrow in its quiver to try and force through a guilty verdict. They rallied in the media, declaring Rittenhouse to be a white supremacist, despite the reality that every person Rittenhouse shot was a white male.

Left-wing activists even tried to ensure a guilty verdict by sending death threats to members of the jury and to the judge overseeing the case. Yet, at the end of the day, justice prevailed and mob rule was defeated.

In the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict, some folks are now turning this into a discussion about gun ownership in general, as Breitbart News draws attention to.

MSNBC on Gun Owners

MSNBC is a deeply leftist network, similarly to CNN. After the jury acquitted Rittenhouse of all charges, host Chuck Todd had some thoughts about the matter, namely about the implication this could have on gun owners in the United States.

Todd opined that in light of the Rittenhouse acquittal, some gun owners may become “incentivized” to engage in vigilante justice. The MSNBC host then predicted more situations like what happened with Rittenhouse in Kenosha will manifest yet again.

Later, Todd went on to claim it’s an “uncomfortable message” that what happened with Rittenhouse on Friday could somehow convey dangerous points to Americans across the country who own guns.

This viewpoint is clearly one laced with bias. However, it is consistent with the leftist view asserting that Americans should apparently allow themselves to be beaten or murdered, rather than pull a trigger to save their own life as Rittenhouse did in Kenosha.

The Right to Self Defense

Judging from the arguments of the left, it is very clear the right to self-defense is yet another matter where views are different, based upon partisanship.

Conservatives are of the view that Americans do have the right to defend themselves against great bodily harm, danger, or imminent death. This sometimes means pulling the trigger of a firearm.

Many people stated yesterday the not guilty verdict is a win for not only Rittenhouse, but also the right to self-defense in the United States. This doesn’t mean anyone should go actively looking for trouble; however, it does mean Americans have the right to defend themselves, even if it means using a firearm.

The notion from MSNBC that the Rittenhouse verdict will somehow send the wrong message to gun owners is completely removed from facts, reason, and logic.

Do you believe the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was a win for the right to self-defense in the United States? Let us know your views below in the comments field.