Rock Star Ted Nugent Goes to Bat For Jason Aldean

This month, country music star Jason Aldean put out a new song called Try That in a Small Town.

Immediately after the song came out, it went viral and topped the charts. Not long after that, leftists lost their minds, accusing Aldean of supporting racism and the past lynchings of African-Americans.

In the wake of this backlash, Aldean put out a statement firmly denying the allegations. The country music star also informed the public that Try That in a Small Town is about members of a tight-knit community looking out for one another.

Now, another musical talent, Ted Nugent, is going to bat for Aldean’s new song, according to Fox News.

Laying Out the Facts

During an interview over the weekend, Nugent stressed that folks attacking Aldean and accusing his new hit song of being racist are lying. The rock star also said Aldean’s song stands against violence and promotes self-defense.

Before branding rabid critics of Aldean as “weird” and soulless, Nugent also pointed out that Democrats tend to be wrong about these sorts of issues.

Nugent’s latest commentary comes as conservatives are rallying around Aldean and vowing to support Try That in a Small Town.

Fighting Back Against the Leftist Hate Mob

Tying racism to anything involving small towns is a common tactic from left-wingers. However, simply listening to the lyrics from Aldean’s song will show that allegations of promoting violence or lynchings are completely without merit.

On social media, Aldean has continued to promote his new hit and thank his millions of fans for standing by him.

In the meantime, legacy media outlets, such as the New York Times, continue pushing the same false narratives about Aldean’s song being racist and sympathetic to lynchings.

Following Nugent’s defense of Try That in a Small Town, he also received an outpour of support and praise from conservatives.