Ron DeSantis Just Reached a Major Fundraising Milestone

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has won a lot of support in this country for his leadership.

Time and time again, DeSantis stands against tyranny and authoritarianism. The Florida governor does this not just with rhetoric, but also via policy and action.

Last year, after the Florida state legislature passed a bill prohibiting vaccines mandates and vaccine passports, DeSantis signed it into law.

This year, DeSantis has stood up for parental rights in education, as leftists try to teach very small children about sexual orientation, transgenderism, and other politics of this nature.

Currently, the Florida governor is up for re-election. According to Fox News, DeSantis has raised more money than any gubernatorial candidate in history.

A Healthy War Chest for DeSantis’ Re-election Campaign

Thus far, Florida’s governor has successfully fundraised over $100 million during this year’s election cycle. This money has come from not just large donors and Floridians, but also from small donors and people outside of Florida.

Across the board, this undoubtedly signals very widespread support for DeSantis as he seeks a second term as governor of Florida.

Meanwhile, the Florida Democrats looking to challenge DeSantis (Nikki Fried, Charlie Crist, etc.) don’t even come close to rivaling him in terms of support or donations.

Not only does DeSantis have a war chest that’s many times larger than Democrats running for the Florida governorship, but he’s also far ahead of them in the polls.

More Factors Working in DeSantis’ Favor

Thanks to DeSantis’ leadership, Florida has gone from being a purple state to a red state.

This shift occurred due to DeSantis’ leadership drawing in more Republican voters to Florida. This is well-documented, seeing as the rise in GOP voters took place as more folks began to move to Florida.

When DeSantis first ran for governor in 2018, Florida Democrats had a voter registration lead over Republicans. Now, the Florida GOP has an over 100,000 lead over Democrats when it comes to registered voters.

With more Republican voters in Florida than Democrats, this only serves to increase DeSantis’ likelihood of smoothly cruising to a second term as the governor of Florida.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the state are struggling with not just fundraising, but also with voter enthusiasm.

As it turns out, since many people moved to Florida to escape Democratic governors, they’re not so supportive of recreating the problem by putting a Democrat into the Florida governor’s mansion.

What do you think about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raising more money than any other gubernatorial candidate in history?

Do you believe this is a sign that he’s going to easily win re-election? In the comments area below, please be sure to let us know what you think comes next for Florida and its governor.