Ron DeSantis Makes Critical 2024 Campaign Promise

Late last month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis got into the 2024 presidential election. Ever since then, various super PACs and folks involved in the Florida governor’s campaign remain hard at work to help him secure the nomination.

DeSantis has been clear that he’s in this race to win. He’s also begun pushing back against the attacks coming from Trump and his campaign. According to the Florida governor, something happened to Trump since he first ran for office in 2015.

Likewise DeSantis has gone after Trump for attacking him from the left, empowering Anthony Fauci, and passing the First Step Act.

Now, DeSantis is once again making headlines, this time for a critical campaign promise, according to the Tampa Free Press.

Loud and Clear

During a Fox News interview, DeSantis made it clear that if Republicans grant him the nomination, he’ll take the White House in the 2024 presidential election.

DeSantis declared that not only will he send Biden packing, but he’ll also serve two terms in the Oval Office and purge leftism from the United States.

As the interview proceeded, the Florida governor promised that “woke ideology” will be in the “dustbin” of our country’s history after his time in office.

Referencing His Record

Before wrapping up with Fox News, DeSantis also cited his amazing record in Florida to further drive home his point.

DeSantis specifically stressed that as he’s been the governor of the Sunshine State, he’s been able to pull in voters who usually wouldn’t back GOP candidates.

After reiterating that he’s managed to deliver a “bold agenda,” the Florida governor then warned the legacy media sees him as posing a threat because he’s best-positioned to win the general election.

With DeSantis now offically running to win the 2024 presidential race, Americans can look forward to seeing and hearing a lot more from him.