Ron DeSantis Takes a Stand Against Hyatt Regency Miami

In the United States, ongoing debates over the content that children are exposed to and whether or not this content is age appropriate continue to emerge. This is happening in schools and in other settings.

Lately, one issue that’s emerged is drag shows and children being present during these shows. Because drag shows are inherently sexual in nature, many Americans believe it’s not appropriate for kids to be present during these events.

However, there are others who think keeping kids away from drag shows is a form of bigotry and intolerance. They also disregard claims that some displays and content are simply not suitable for children.

It is because of this issue that Hyatt Regency Miami recently had its alcohol license revoked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, as reported by Florida’s Voice News.

What’s Going on With Hyatt Regency Miami?

On December 27, Hyatt Regency Miami hosted “A Drag Queen Christmas” show where minors were in attendance. The performers of this show were not only donning suggestive attire, but they furthermore wore prosthetics that were designed to resemble women’s genitals. 

Before this show took place, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation warned Hyatt Regency Miami against permitting children to attend. However, Hyatt Regency Miami proceeded anyway, which is why DeSantis had its alcohol license pulled. 

DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin released a very clear statement on the matter. According to Griffin, the display of sexually explicit content to children is not just inappropriate, but it is also in breach of Florida law.

Griffin likewise reaffirmed that DeSantis is committed to protecting kids both in classrooms and in other settings.

“A Drag Queen Christmas” also involved prosthetic female body parts being shoved in front of people’s faces, the stimulation of masturbation, and depictions of abortion and childbirth. 

America Reacts

Much of the country agrees with DeSantis’ decision and understands that the show hosted by Hyatt Regency Miami is not one that children should have been allowed to attend. Questions have also been raised about why Hyatt Regency Miami insisted on children being present at this event, rather than making entry to the show for adults only.

Nevertheless, some folks on the left are criticizing the governor for pulling the alcohol license. Rather than admitting that December’s “A Drag Queen Christmas” wasn’t appropriate for kids, critics of DeSantis are insisting that he’s the one in the wrong.

In any event, other businesses that allow sexually explicit shows to be performed in front of children also remain liable to punitive action in Florida.