Rudy Giuliani Now Looking at Federal Ethics Charges

Many Americans are familiar with Rudy Giuliani as the former Republican mayor of New York City and the previous personal attorney of former President Trump.

Giuliani defended Trump in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, amid multiple claims the election had been stolen. He vowed the race was rigged and would end up proving it; however, nothing ultimately materialized from this.

Since this, Guiliani has faced a lot of backlash for how he approached the 2020 presidential election. Democrats have definitely called for his head on a spike. Although Giuliani’s legal issues appear to be piling up.

At this time, the former Trump attorney is facing federal ethics charges over his conduct in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, per New York Post.

What to Know About the Latest Charges Against Giuliani

The Washington DC bar, of which Giuliani is a member, has launched ethical misconduct charges against him. The bar is citing the basis of these charges as the attorney’s response to Pennsylvania’s results in the 2020 White House race.

At this time, Giuliani faces claims that his assertions in federal court filings about the election were without merit. Therefore, the DC bar is censuring Giuliani on the basis of professional responsibility and seeking for him to be legally held accountable in court.

In additional segments of the complaint, Giuliani is accused of breaching conduct regulations concerning prejudicial conduct and frivolous proceedings.

These charges have now opened the attorney up to getting his law license suspended or being disbarred altogether.

A Repeat of New York?

About one year ago, Giuliani wound up losing his law license in New York, due to his official claims about the 2020 presidential election.

Similar to the Washington DC bar, the New York bar also claimed that Giuliani made untrue statements about the outcome of the last presidential election.

However, despite what happened in New York, the former attorney of President Trump has not faced criminal charges alleging malfeasance. However, federal prosecutors in Manhattan are still probing Giuliani’s known business dealings in Ukraine.

In regards to the loss of his law license in New York, legal representation for Giuliani contends this was driven by partisan politics, rather than actual wrongdoing on his end.

Critics of the former Trump attorney have celebrated the actions being taken against him by the DC bar. People who don’t believe his claims about the 2020 presidential election are even going as far as saying he shouldn’t be able to practice law anywhere ever again.

Do you think the charges being brought against Rudy Giuliani by the Washington DC bar are valid? In the comments area below, let us know if you believe he’ll be able to hang on to his license to practice law in DC.