Rumors Heat Up of Another Hillary Clinton Presidential Run

Things are not looking good for the Democrat Party. They’ve managed to alienate much of the nation by pushing high-handed, yet ineffective, COVID restrictions.

Likewise, Democrats are led by a president that more than half the country does not approve of. That comes on top of the series of problems to arise with Democrats controlling the federal government; some of these problems include inflation, crime surges, and more.

At the same time, many Democrats are frustrated with Biden’s inability to get the Build Back Better Act passed, along with a series of “voting rights” bills that would corrupt US elections forever.

This has quickly led some factions of the Democrat Party to believe that perhaps a different candidate in their party should go for the White House in 2024.

One name that keeps on coming up is Hillary Clinton; however, this, too, could backfire on the left, as Breitbart News points out.

Response from the GOP

Republicans have not hesitated to weigh in on what they think about Clinton making another run for the White House, especially after her 2008 loss to former President Barack Obama and her 2020 loss to former President Donald Trump.

According to Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, the notion of Democrats running Clinton for a third time is just laughable. McDaniel told Fox & Friends that Democrats’ pivot back to Clinton is a testament to what a horrible president Biden’s been.

Moreover, the RNC chairwoman mentioned that Democrats should have at it because running Clinton will ensure the GOP takes back the White House the year after next.

Finally, McDaniel stated that Americans are interested in having a serious leadership change after all the problems brought on by Biden’s tenure in the Oval Office.

Bad News for Biden

The talk about Hillary Clinton running for president again may be a collective joke amongst the nation; however, it’s very bad news for the current president.

Biden’s done such an awful job in office that before the halfway point of his presidency, Democrats are already looking into other options.

Clinton has been somewhat outspoken about the dangers of progressives going too far. She’s maintained this will not help Democrats win elections in parts of the country that aren’t heavily blue.

Rumor has it that the odds of Hillary Clinton making another run for the Oval Office will increase significantly if Democrats do not win the midterm elections.

Right now, a string of surveys, along with Biden’s low approval ratings and the party in power’s tendency to lose off-year midterms, point to Democrats getting trounced in November.

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