Russia Commits Bloodbath With 1,000 Casualties Striking Ukraine Shopping Mall

(Social media footage snapshot shows the aftermath of the Russian missile strike)

The regime of vicious Russian dictator Vladimir Putin committed a brand new bloodbath in its war against Ukraine.

On Monday, Russian missiles fired from strategic bombers hit a shopping mall, killing at least 18 people and wounding practically all of the 1,000 shoppers inside.

‘Decision-Making Centers’ vs Shopping Centers

Monday offered another horrifying case.

Russian missiles apparently targeted and blew up a busy shopping mall in Kremenchuk, Central Ukraine, hundreds of miles away from battlefields in the east and south.

Ukraine’s Air Force command announced on social media that the shopping center. It had more than 1,000 people inside at the time of the strike and was hit two Soviet-era X-22 missiles.

Latest estimates as of Tuesday morning said at least 18 civilians have been killed in the Russian missile strike on the shopping mall in Kremenchuk, which also hosts Ukraine’s biggest oil refinery.

A total of 59 people were seriously injured.

Yermak recalled the recent threats by the Putin regime to strike Ukraine’s decision-making centers. He said only the “sickest imagination” could have “guessed they mean shopping centers.”

(The shopping center prior to the Russian missile strike)

Russia Should’ve Been Declared Sponsor of Terrorism 100 Years Ago

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, in his first reaction to the attack, on the Telegram messaging app, described it as “unimaginable.”

He emphasized the shopping mall in Kremenchuk was “no threat” whatsoever to the Russians and of “no strategic value.” He also insisted it is totally “useless” to have hopes for any “decency or humanity from Russia.”

Ukrainian military experts have commented the vicious attack on a purely civilian target is in line with Putin’s new campaign to bomb Ukraine’s cities as much as possible.

Putin is unleashing a reign of terror to break Ukrainian civilians’ will to resist his already vastly botched and failing invasion.

Putin’s horrifying shopping mall attack in Kremenchuk came precisely against the backdrop of a G-7 summit meeting in Germany attended by US President Joe Biden.

It also came ahead of a summit of the 30-strong US-led NATO alliance in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday.

With it, the bloodthirsty Russian tyrant was evidently sending a message to the free world supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom that he is going to retaliate for western military aid.

Zelenskyy spoke to the G-7 leaders later on Monday via a video link, using the call to dwell on the sickening shopping mall bloodbath.

He also urged the United States and other G-7 nations to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

This is a decision more than 100 years overdue, since at least the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia, which caused the biggest mass murders in human history.

In a communique after their call with Zelenskyy, the G-7 leaders vowed to support Ukraine against the aggression of Russia “as long as it takes.”