Russian Officials Are Openly Showing Support For Putin’s Ouster

When Russian President Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24, he never dreamed the war would still be going on nearly seven months later. Putin was clear in expressing his view that it would take Russian troops just days to thoroughly take over Ukraine.

However, this didn’t work out so well for the Russian president. His troops have incurred major losses as Ukrainians fight back and receive vital assistance from various nations in the West.

Now, new developments show the war has taken a turn, with Ukrainian troops managing to send Russian armies running for their lives.

As all this plays out, dozens of Russian officials are now calling for Putin’s ouster from power, per Washington Examiner.

It’s Not Looking Good For Putin

At this time, 30+ officials in Russia added their names to a petition that not only condemns Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but also openly calls for his expulsion from power.

The petition specifically states Putin’s actions, at this point, are harming the citizens of Russia and the country itself. It also “demands” for Putin to step down and resign from power.

Unfortunately, in signing this petition, these officials are opening themselves up to potential time behind bars.

That’s all thanks to Putin forcing through a law that criminalizes so-called fake news (anything going against pro-war propaganda) about Russia’s incursion against Ukraine.

Nevertheless, it seems as though even leaders in Russia are able to see the writing on the wall. Many businesses have pulled out of Russia (and Belarus), refusing to do business with the nation.

That’s not to mention the various sanctions that are barring Russian elites from accessing portions of their wealth, traveling to other nations, etc.

Throughout all of this, Putin has shown absolutely zero willingness to withdraw troops from Ukraine or cease his invasion of a sovereign nation.

The Beginning of the End?

Many sources have speculated that as long as Putin remains in power, the war will drag on. This opens up the question of how Putin could potentially be removed from power.

Given Putin’s reputation, there’s a lot of skepticism surrounding the notion that he’d willingly step down of his own volition. In light of this, there have been multiple calls to assassinate Putin.

Apparently, attempts have been made on Putin’s life; although, he’s been able to evade them so far, largely owing to his history as an ex-KGB officer.

Likewise, rumors exist of Putin suffering from various health issues with the potential to end his life. Ultimately, we’ll all have to wait and see what becomes of Putin and when the war in Ukraine finally ends.

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