San Francisco Facing Major Looting Crisis

When communities defund the police, bad things tend to happen. This is something Americans are becoming all too familiar with as crime sees several upticks across various cities with depleted police departments.

From the onset of all this, Republicans warned it was foolish for Democrats to slash funding for law enforcement. Yet, in spite of all this, Democrats didn’t heed the warning.

Instead, they chose to bend the knee to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Now, communities and innocents are suffering as a result.

California is one of the bluest cities in the nation. They’ve embraced oppressive taxes, burdensome regulations, and totalitarian COVID vaccine mandates. Defunding the police is another measure cities in the Golden State chose to welcome.

Now, San Francisco has a major looting crisis on its hands to show for it, as Newsmax reports.

A Closer Look at San Francisco’s Looting Problem

In the city of San Francisco, the looting issue has spread from the city to suburban communities. This past Saturday, dozens of looters targeted a Nordstrom in the community, grabbing items off shelves and then driving away in vehicles.

What’s more disturbing about looting in this community is it’s gotten to be more meticulous and planned out. For instance, thieves have demonstrated a pattern of going to stores in crowds, blocking off traffic, and then just grabbing whatever’s available.

Many of the San Francisco looters are also wearing ski masks to conceal their identities. Some also resort to striking and pepper spraying store employees. To say this has gotten very dangerous is a massive understatement.

It’s worth remembering this pattern of looting in San Francisco picked up after the city eventually legalized shoplifting, so long as the goods stolen don’t amount to more than $950 in value.

What is the Solution?

The massive uptick in looting, not to mention how premeditated and brazen this looting has become, speaks to the failure of the city. San Francisco has a duty to keep its community members safe; yet, they’ve dropped the ball time and time again.

The first measure the city needs to take is rolling back the order that allows shoplifting as long as goods stolen don’t surpass $950. Turning a blind eye to brazen crime like this was bound to cause problems.

Secondly, San Francisco must do everything possible to embrace (and not defund) police. Defunding law enforcement clearly doesn’t work; it only serves as a beacon to criminals and others meaning to do harm.

If this city doesn’t make some major changes very quickly, more individuals, businesses, and members of the community are going to get hurt.

What do you make of the looting crisis facing San Francisco? Do you believe the city will adapt and make changes to stop this? We’re looking forward to reading your predictions in the comments area below.