School Counselors Hiding Kids’ “Gender Transitions” From Their Parents

The education system is an issue of contentious debate in America today.

Some educators believe it is their right to teach very young kids about sex, trangenderism, gender theory, and other matters along these lines. They claim it’s progressive, inclusive, and otherwise appropriate.

Meanwhile, many parents across the country don’t feel comfortable with their kids being taught about these matters, especially when they’re very young.

Unfortunately, this response from parents hasn’t caused schools to back off these issues.

Instead, many of America’s teachers, counselors, and other faculty members are simply getting sneakier in informing kids about the aforementioned matters, according to Newsmax.

Phasing Parents Out of Their Kids’ Education

American School Counselor Association members are believed to be keeping information about so-called “gender-affirming” policies and processes from the parents of schoolchildren.

This is justified by these counselors telling themselves that students ultimately have the final say on how they identify when it comes to gender.

Therefore, when these counselors contact parents of kids who are viewed as transgender or “non-conforming” to gender, they don’t share any sort of updates or information with these parents about their kids.

When parents interact with counselors, the latter refers to children by their biological genders and established names, even if these children are being treated and referred to differently within the school.

A Rise in Homeschooling Across America

On many occasions, schools that opt to keep information about kids from their parents have been panned as dangerous. Yet, this is still something that everyone keeps hearing about more and more often.

It’s also been pointed out that sneaking gender theory (and other similar) lessons into kids’ curriculums while intentionally hiding this from parents is bad form.

As multiple reports of this happening continue to spread across the country, more parents are deciding they don’t want their kids to be subjected to issues of this magnitude without awareness.

This is one vital reason that homeschooling rates are beginning to increase from where they’ve stood in previous years.

If homeschooling rates get high enough, counselors, teachers, and others who have been reported as intentionally keeping parents in the dark will be out of jobs.

For quite some time, it was understood that schools were places where kids were supposed to be educated about issues like math, writing, science, social studies, etc.

Although, as of late, more and more reports of teaching and counselors pushing their own left-wing views on kids are coming out. This may soon become the undoing of people driving these policies.

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