Senate Minority Leader Pans Democrats for False Claims on Voting Rights

As unfortunate as this may be, the Democrat Party has been subjecting the nation to a series of lies when it comes to the status of voting rights in the United States.

The political left wants the country to believe voting rights are in peril and that Republicans have an agenda to force particular demographics not to vote. This couldn’t be more removed from the truth.

However, it is something the Democrat Party is bound and determined to stick with.

This is why Senate Democrats tried earlier this week to overturn the filibuster. However, because two moderate Democrats (Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin) joined all 50 Senate Republicans in voting against this measure, the filibuster still stands.

In the aftermath of yet another failed power grab, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell weighed in with the truth about voting rights in America, as Breitbart News points out.

What Every American Must Know About US Voting Rights

While engaging in a Fox News interview, McConnell spoke truth to power when it comes to our country’s right to vote.

First, the Senate Minority Leader pointed out the high turnout rates during the 2020 presidential election, not to mention the 94% of Americans who believe voting is very easy at this time.

McConnell also made it a point to mention that Democrats’ lies about voting rights in the country are rooted in their desperation for another power grab.

The Senate Minority Leader explained the true aims of the Democrat Party entail a federal overhaul of each and every US election.

Before wrapping up with Fox News, McConnell clarified that what Democrats want is out of keeping with both historical precedent and the views of the American public.

A Bipartisan Defense of Checks and Balances

At the end of the day, the Democrat Party’s attempt to chuck the filibuster in order to pass election overhaul bills was rejected by both Republicans and Democrats alike.

McConnell isn’t alone in his assessment of voting rights in America either. Earlier this week, Sen. Joe Manchin spoke to the press, noting the United States already has voting rights very much in place.

Contrary to the current disinformation being spread, as Manchin pointed out, there is nothing being done to stop Americans from voting.

Many people believe that in light of the Senate’s bipartisan decision to support the filibuster, it is time for Democrats to move all. All 50 Senate Republicans, along with the two moderate leftists, made it clear they won’t be voting for a filibuster overhaul.

What do you think about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statements on voting rights in the United States? Let us know in the comments feed what you make of Democrats’ unsuccessful attempt to chuck the filibuster.