Shocking Number of Informants on January 6 Revealed

The events of January 6, 2021 continue to be used as a battering ram against patriots and conservatives.

The left wants to say the day was an insurrection that rose up because ignorant Trump supporters got violent. The truth, of course, is far different.

Not only did the vast majority of protesters stay peaceful until being attacked by Capitol police, but the true amount of informants has also now been revealed.

These people were working undercover among some of the most active protesters and directly inciting them to anger and violence.

At Least 40 Undercover Informants Were Working On J6

One of the Proud Boys charged over J6 is currently at trial in Washington, DC.

His name is Dominic Pezzola. His defense lawyer has gotten the prosecution to admit that out of 13 Proud Boys charged, eight of them were FBI informants.

That’s just from a small group of Proud Boys charged: over half were informants! The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), meanwhile, had around 19 CHS (Confidential Human Sources) working undercover on J6 as well.

We’re now up to 27 informants working the ground and inciting on that day. Then, you get to city cops from DC: over 13 were working undercover on J6 as well.

That’s 40 undercover agents at minimum who were working the crowd, marching with protesters, and even yelling “go!” and “stop the steal!” to help fire up the crowd.

Legal Fraud

This constitutes legal wrongdoing, considering the prosecution has been hiding exculpatory evidence from Pezzola that could help him be found innocent.

It’s taken over two years to begin finding out how many feds and undercover agents were at this protest; the real number is likely much higher than 40.

Pezzola’s defense team also wants a subpoena put out for Ray Epps, who helped rioters get inside the Capitol and was deeply involved, only to escape prosecution.

Other J6 defendants like William Pope, say some of those calling for protesters to come in and actively trying to inflame the situation ended up being revealed to be undercover DC Metro Police.

The Bottom Line

January 6 was crawling with undercover agents and informants. We need to keep digging and find out just how far this went.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.