Small Businesses Struggling Due to COVID Vaccine Mandates

Over the past 18 months, small businesses across the United States have had a very tough time. Shutdowns didn’t help these establishments at all; in fact, many small businesses went under completely and were forced to close their doors.

Even after shutdowns came to an end, limits on the number of customers businesses could serve at any given time arrived. These capacity limits further stifled the ability of small businesses to make a comeback and recuperate from financial loss.

Now, America is forced to contend with COVID vaccine mandates and mask mandates. According to Newsmax, these edicts are, again, bringing harm to America’s small businesses.

The Latest Struggles of Small Businesses in America

According to a Clarify Capital study, the country’s small businesses are far from out of the woods. This study determined the enforcement of mask requirements and the financial burdens of personal protective equipment being added to overhead are taking a toll on these businesses.

Many owners of these establishments are also facing anxiety over the fear of losing customers. 45% have concerns that mandates will drive away customers when they need them most; however, 39% stated they fear the absence of a mandate will alienate much-needed customers.

45% of surveyed small businesses are of the view they could withstand another COVID lockdown; however, 19% believe that if America went under another lockdown, this would mean the end of their business for good.

Alleviating the Burdens of Small Businesses

Now, more than ever, the United States should be working to alleviate the burdens so many small businesses throughout the nation are facing; unfortunately, though, the current president seeks to add to these burdens.

Right now, Biden is pushing for a spending package that would ramp up taxes and regulations on America’s small businesses. In light of the challenges already facing these establishments, more regulations and taxes are the last things needed.

As the Jobs Creators Network notes, Biden’s declared war on small businesses with his terrible, feckless policies. One need only look at last month’s jobs report to get an image of how badly this president is failing.

One of the best ways to alleviate small businesses’ burdens is to stop even more burdens from being added to the plate. This means holding the line and not allowing more of Biden’s horrific proposals to make it through Congress and become law.

America needs small businesses. Small business owners create jobs and add value and resources to communities across the nation. We do not need a rogue president taking an axe to these establishments.

What do you think about the challenges small businesses in the United States are facing at this time? Do you believe things will get better or worse for these establishments? We want to read your views below in the comments section.