Smith & Wesson Slams Democrats For Rising Crime

Crime in the United States is on an uptick that’s not slowing down anytime soon. This is making life unsafe for many Americans, especially those in inner and major cities.

Various rounds of lawlessness have gotten so bad that it’s driving businesses out of certain communities. Just a few weeks ago, Starbucks announced that it’s going to be shutting down more than one dozen of its locations, due to workers feeling unsafe in certain areas.

Meanwhile, Democrats still have yet to walk back policies that let criminals out of jail prematurely and/or significantly reduce the bail that offenders have to pay while awaiting trial.

What Democratic lawmakers are doing, though, is pointing the finger at firearms and lawful gun owners to explain away America’s crime crisis. As reported by Newsmax, leading gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is now fighting back against this narrative.

A Clear Message From Smith & Wesson

Mark Smith, the CEO of Smith & Wesson, put out a very clear statement earlier this week after congressional Democrats filed a subpoena to dig into the company’s modern sporting rifles.

According to Smith, Democrats are continuously targeting Smith & Wesson amid demonizing law enforcement and largely letting criminals skate by with majorly reduced punishments.

To this end, the Smith & Wesson CEO explained its company is not responsible for the rising crime wave in the United States. Instead, that blame lies with left-wing DAs and prosecutors who won’t uphold the law in the communities they’re supposed to serve.

Other responsible parties include officials who repeatedly shrug off calls to evaluate the nation’s mental health issues.

Finally, Smith & Wesson’s statement makes it clear that its firearms have never committed many of the violent crimes happening to people across the nation.

Instead, the perpetrators of these crimes are violent offenders enabled by left-wing officials who show more animosity towards lawful gun owners and gun makers than to criminals.

Holding Democrats Accountable

As more criminals who skate by on lax laws commit offenses, there’s a growing argument that officials who enable them need to be held responsible.

Ultimately, the best way of holding these leaders accountable is to vote them out of office and replace them with elected officials who will uphold the law and go after criminals.

In some ways, this is happening as various Democratic DAs face recall campaigns from community members who are sick of being scared to leave their homes.

The November midterm election results are also expected to be influenced by Americans who are fed up with rising crime rates.

What do you think about Smith & Wesson’s response to Democrats who are faulting gun manufacturers and legal gun owners for the deeds of criminals? We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments area.