Supply Chain Problems Projected to Last for Years on End

The United States is witnessing supply chain issues like never before. Americans are witnessing truck driver shortages, congestions of ports, and even shortages of computer chips.

Supply chain issues are indeed contributing to another economic crisis: inflation. Inflation has been a stain on the economy for months now, thanks to the spending bills of President Biden and the Democrat lawmakers in Congress.

The supply chain problems facing the nation right now are simply the latest notch in a list of disasters that have taken place since Biden got into office. Now, Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg is declaring that present supply chain problems could maintain for years on end, per Breitbart News.

Buttigieg on Supply Chain Problems in the United States

Earlier this week, the Transportation Secretary spoke with Bloomberg News about the reality of supply chain problems in the United States. Buttigieg professed the White House administration is in a position to take “short term” measures to counteract this problem.

Shortly thereafter, the Transportation Secretary declared that some progress has been made at ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles. In a very vague turn, Buttigieg later said “years and years” could pass before the long term complications with supply chain problems are addressed.

Finally, Buttigieg told Bloomberg News that present issues with supply chain deals with trade in the United States. The Treasury Secretary later made a point of asserting “record traffic” is happening at certain ports in real time.

The Honest Truth About Supply Chain Problems

Buttigieg’s remarks to Bloomberg News are clearly an attempt to undermine and downplay the very real significance of supply chain problems. The Treasury Secretary isn’t the only one doing this either.

On Wednesday, President Biden stood before the United States and delivered a ridiculous, tone deaf speech about the supply chain issues. Biden showed how out of touch he remains with what’s truly going on in the nation.

This president declared yesterday that having truck drivers drive on less crowded roads is the solution to fixing the supply chain problems. This is the individual making decisions and policies that will have long-lasting ramifications on America.

Here’s the bottom line: in less than nine months of his term in office, Joe Biden has absolutely failed the country. He dropped the ball on inflation, the southern border, on foreign policy, and more. If Biden were not in office, the supply chain problems would not be what they are today.

The president, and everyone else in his administration who continues to cover and undermine what’s really going on, should be ashamed.

What do you think about the reality of supply chain problems in the United States? Do you believe Biden has a real solution to get ahead of this crisis? We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below.