Supply Chain Won’t be Fixed Anytime Soon

The supply chain is a major issue in the United States. Shortages in truck drivers have been a significant factor in this crisis; however, the Biden administration’s policies have certainly played a role in worsening matters.

Already, the 46th president is trying to hit truckers with a COVID vaccine mandate. Just as Biden tried to do (before the Federal Appeals Court stopped him with an injunction) with U.S. workers nationwide, he’s trying to threaten truckers with loss of work if they don’t take the COVID vaccine.

A good deal of Americans pointed out the miscalculation of Biden making such a decision when truckers are already in low supply and very high demand.

Yet, according to the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the supply chain won’t be fixed anytime soon, per Breitbart News.

Bad News for the United States

Raphael Bostic, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s president, spoke with Fox News on Friday regarding the supply chain. He did not have good news, either.

According to Bostic, his conversations with business leaders reveal the supply chain could last as long as into 2022’s third or fourth quarters. He also revealed there was a time when business leaders expected the supply chain to be back in order by the time 2021 ended.

Additional revelations from Bostic reveal the supply chain could be adversely impacted, so long as COVID is still around. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta president also stated recent reports of a new COVID variant have plunged virtually everything into a state of uncertainty.

All in all, there is no telling when the supply chain will be restored to its previous condition. This is bad news for many Americans who have been hurt by the present disarray.

Biden’s Inaction is Costing Americans

Days ago, 15 Republican governors wrote a letter to Biden, urging him to take action that lessens the regulations currently hampering trucking industry operations.

This could play a pivotal role in getting the supply chain back on the right track; yet, it’s something Biden has chosen not to do. After all, God forbid the president were to lessen, rather than increase, the role of government and regulations.

At this point in time, it may be appropriate for legal action to be taken against Biden in order to compel him to act for the good of the supply chain. As things currently stand, there’s honestly no telling just how long the supply chain will deteriorate without serious measures taken.

What do you think about the current state of the supply chain? Do you believe the courts should force Biden to take action and lessen regulations burdening the trucking industry? Let us know in the comments section below.