Suspected Shooter of Atlanta Police Officer Gets Bail

For over a year, people have been hearing about the dangerous rise of crime across various communities.

Much of this crime traces back to Democratic leaders letting prisoners out of jail early, defunding police departments, and giving lax bail to dangerous offenders.

Democrats claim these policies are about fairness and equity. However, what they really do is put innocent civilians in the line of fire every day. The rise in crime since the start of the aforementioned policies is proof enough of this.

Unfortunately, a new example of this comes fresh out of Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta police are not pleased that a believed shooter of an officer has been granted bail, as documented by The Blaze.

Major Problems in Atlanta

In early February, Atlanta police were sent to serve a warrant on Christian Eppinger. Suffice it to say, Eppinger wasn’t pleased with this and ended up shooting one of the officers several different times.

The officer survived the shooting. However, Eppinger himself has an extensive criminal record that includes a previous prison stint. He was out on probation at the time the warrant was supposed to be served.

Despite all of this, a judge in Fulton County still chose to give Eppinger bail. Atlanta police officers and prosecutors in the community are furious, with the latter submitting an emergency motion to prevent bail for Eppinger.

To add insult to injury, Eppinger posted on Instagram about how he’d soon be returning to his residence, thanks to the judge in question giving him bail.

Part of a Larger Problem

This latest incident in Atlanta is not an anomaly. It’s happening in many other communities across the United States, particularly those led by Democrats.

As a result of soft-on-crime policies, homicides, carjackings, battery, rape, and other vicious crimes are on the uptick.

Many critics of soft-on-crime policies have noted that there’s no scenario where criminals can be coddled into doing the right thing and not offending.

In Atlanta, many folks are still left wondering why Eppinger received bail in light of his extensive criminal history and previous time in prison.

If he does re-offend while out on bail, this will be yet another example of more innocent civilians caught in the crosshairs of emboldened criminals.

Finally, soft-on-crime policies, at large, send a message to offenders that they can break the law with a much lower chance of actually being held accountable for it. Needless to say, this is not at all conducive to a safe society.

What do you think about the latest crime incident out of Atlanta? Do you think Christian Eppinger will re-offend while he is out on bail? In the comments area down below, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.