Tennessee Lawmakers Hit With Alarming New Threats

In Tennessee, it is not legal for minors to undergo gender reassignment surgery or hormones in any form.

This is the law for the same reason that minors can’t get tattoos, smoke, or otherwise make drastic, life-changing decisions that they’re not fully capable of understanding.

Nevertheless, there are still some folks on the left who have decided that anyone who opposes minors undergoing gender reassignment is hateful or bigoted. According to Tim Cast, this has now led to threats being made against lawmakers in Tennessee.

This is Bad

Numerous trans activists have determined that it’s open season on lawmakers who vote for bills that protect kids from undergoing permanent surgeries to alter how they present themselves to the world.

Therefore, many of these activists are taking to social media, making threats, and calling for the leak of these lawmakers’ addresses. It’s worth noting that this is taking place despite the recent shooting at a Christian school in Nashville.

Some of these activists have even gone so far as to allege that the toxic substance ricin should be used to poison lawmakers who don’t believe kids should be subjected to the aforementioned medical procedures.

In the wake of negative attention, a percentage of activists chose to remove some of their posts. However, they’ve already been screenshotted and saved.

Unlawful and Unacceptable

Activists do not have the right to make threats against lawmakers, no matter how much they disagree with lawmakers on any given issue.

This type of rhetoric on social media could very well inspire unhinged individuals to target these lawmakers or their families. It could likewise lead to yet another mass shooting.

In the case of these types of threats, law enforcement should absolutely get involved. They should hold activists like this accountable, not for their views on social matters, but for the harm they’re threatening to bring upon others.