Texas Governor Abbott Ponders New Strategy to Reduce Illegal Immigration

Consistent data, reports from Border Patrol officials, and more continue to prove that the southern border is crumbling.

It’s crumbling thanks to the current White House ending policies from the Trump administration while having no replacement reforms enacted.

Now, human traffickers, drug traffickers, and other unsavory individuals are free to waltz on over to the border at will. As all this mayhem plays out, Biden’s confirmed his plans to let Title 42 run out.

Right now, Title 42 is the only thing that keeps mass levels of illegal immigration from getting even higher. There is bipartisan support for preserving Title 42 in action, given the role that it plays in sending back illegal immigrants who appear at the border.

Problems at the southern border are spilling into surrounding states, such as Texas. This is why Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is preparing to play hardball and take the issue of illegal immigration all the way to the Supreme Court, per Fox News.

Another Way of Cracking Down Against Illegal Immigration

Because of the Biden administration’s policies, illegal immigration is very much incentivized. The president isn’t going to do anything about it; however, Governor Abbott will.

In addition to grassroots work in Texas to enforce border laws, Abbott may contest a Supreme Court ruling that mandates public schools to accept the children of illegal immigrants.

The possibility of challenging this ruling comes as the Lone Star State is already dealing with massive rises of illegal migrants. In addition, the number of migrants will grow even further, later this month, if Title 42 is gutted as expected.

Abbott explained the problem of illegal immigration is so dire in Texas that many public schools in the state are overwhelmed, just as Border Patrol officials are.

Cue Partisan Outrage

If the Texas governor does move forward with challenging this Supreme Court ruling, he will definitely get pushback from the left.

Yet, the left refuses to deal with the problem that’s creating a need for Abbott to pursue this course of action.

Ever since Biden removed the immigration policies of his predecessor, border states like Texas and Arizona have been sounding the alarm about illegal immigration.

Democrats may choose to ignore the issue, but they shouldn’t expect Republicans to do the same. If the Biden administration does proceed with its current plan to eliminate Title 42, it should not be taken aback by Texas moving to protect public schools.

It’s also worth mentioning that Republicans and Democrats have both advised the White House against rolling back Title 42.

Do you think public schools in Texas should be mandated to teach the children of illegal immigrants as growing border crossings occur? Let us know your thoughts on this issue in the comments area below.