Texas Governor Comes to the Defense of Embattled Border Patrol Agents

The president of the United States is determined to conduct himself as a mad king, rather than as someone supposed to be serving the American people. Biden remains obsessed with pushing unpopular, ill-advised COVID vaccine mandates that don’t stand a chance of surviving all the incoming lawsuits.

Meanwhile, Biden’s also making an absolute mess of the southern border. Cartels, drug traffickers, and human traffickers are having a field day, thanks to this president’s dereliction of duty.

At such a time as this, Border Patrol agents are more needed than ever. However, Biden is threatening to fire these key officials if they are not vaccinated against COVID by November 22, 2021.

However, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott is coming to Border Patrol agents’ defense, as Breitbart News reports.

The Texas Governor on Border Patrol Agents

For Biden to even fathom firing Border Patrol agents when the U.S.-Mexico border is in such disarray is an absolute disaster. It shows that Biden cares more about his tyrannical impulses of trying to force a vaccine on people than he does about America’s best interests and national security.

Trying to fire Border Patrol agents might be one of the dumbest things this administration has done. However, Border Patrol agents will not be completely out of a job.

On Wednesday, Governor Abbott confirmed to Fox News that if President Biden chooses to fire Border Patrol workers, Abbott will indeed hire them, vaccinated or not. Additionally, the Texas governor pointed out that state law bars the government from implementing vaccine passports or vaccine mandates.

Later, Abbott noted the respect and appreciation he has for the men and women working on the border. The Texas governor revealed that he’s worked alongside Border Patrol agents for years on end now.

Fighting Back Against Tyranny

It is absolutely crucial to fight back against the tyrannical administration in the White House right now. The Texas governor’s vow to hire any Border Patrol agents who Biden fires for not being vaccinated is also crucial in this fight.

America cannot allow a precedent where the government (or anyone else, for that matter) is able to force medical procedures upon people. The COVID vaccine is available to individuals who want it.

At this point, anyone who does not have the vaccine is actively choosing not to get it. That is their right as an individual with freedoms in this country.

It is certainly comforting to know Border Patrol agents have the awareness that not taking the COVID vaccine won’t condemn them to unemployment. It is very clear the current president has no regard for personal freedoms or the important work carried out by Border Patrol officials.

Nevertheless, Biden will not be able to bully Border Patrol agents this go around.