Texas to Send Illegal Immigrants Buses to New York

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent the first bus of illegal immigrants to New York City after Mayor Eric Adams declined his request to visit the southern border.

Abbott announced NYC will receive more buses of immigrants in the upcoming days, as the border crisis continues to worsen in the state of Texas.

NYC Receives the First Bus of Illegal Immigrants

On Friday, a bus carrying more than 50 illegal immigrants moved from Texas to New York City. Abbott claimed the state of New York is an “ideal destination” for illegal immigrants, due to its exemplary treatment of homeless people.

According to Abbott, Washington DC and New York City are “ideal destination(s)” for illegal immigrants. NYC Mayor Adams boasts about the abundance of homeless housing facilities and social services in his city.

Therefore, Abbott continued, Adams should keep his promise of providing social services to illegal immigrants, so the overwhelming burden on Texas is reduced to some extent.

Later on, Abbott’s office released a statement, noting the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan will be a drop-off location for illegal immigrants coming from Texas to New York.

Dems Will Finally Bear Consequences of Far-Left Border Policies

Since April, Abbott already dispatched nearly 6,500 illegal immigrants to Washington DC, to make blue cities realize the impacts of having too many illegal immigrants in communities.

While announcing his move to depart a bus towards New York, Abbott suggested open border policies of the Biden administration are making the state of Texas unsafe.

So, the state government has to take “unprecedented actions” in order to bring peace and stability to the Lone Star State.

Recently, Abbott invited Adams to visit the southern border, to observe the “dire situation” of the border, but the mayor refused to visit.

Speaking to Jesse Watters of Fox News, Gov. Abbott stated he wishes Adams and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser would reconsider his offer to visit the Mexico border to see the suffering of Texans.

Furthermore, Abbott noted that no mayor can understand the extent of chaos that is created by the open border policy of the Biden administration.

While every state is worried about a few thousands of illegal immigrants, Abbott continued, Texas is seeing more than 5,000 migrants every single day.

Last month, Adams asked President Biden to provide federal support to NYC, claiming Texas and Arizona are sending illegal immigrants to his city.

Adams told Biden that NYC is already overwhelmed by homeless people, so federal support will help the city to provide more social services to the illegal immigrants.

However, both Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey noted back then that the federal government was itself sending illegal immigrants to NYC at the time of Adams’ request.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.