The District Attorney of San Francisco Appears Headed For the Exit Door

Soft on crime policies have become a matter of life and death in the United States. There is a direct link between bail reform, defunding the police, etc., and rising cases of crime.

People are not as safe in certain communities as they were before the movement to defund law enforcement began.

The fact of the matter is that having police and other officials who are willing to uphold the law is vital to a civil, peaceful society.

This is why San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is currently facing a recall. Apparently, he’s been so lenient on crime that even voters within the Democratic community want him out of office, per Newsmax.

The End of Boudin as District Attorney?

Since his time as San Francisco’s district attorney, multiple prosecutors under Boudin’s watch have resigned.

He got into office back in 2019; yet, today, the district attorney faces a recall, due to failure to show the community he’s serious about cracking down against crime.

Currently, San Francisco is drowning in a series of crises that range from lawlessness, homelessness, addiction to drugs, and a litany of other issues. Boudin, for years, has been in the position to crack down on these issues, yet he’s chosen not to.

To make matters even worse for the San Francisco district attorney, he comes from a family that’s struggled with various run-ins with the law.

This could have been a factor in what his leadership has entailed, as could his parents’ ties to the leftist Weather Underground organization.

Under Boudin, San Francisco residents have suffered from rises in auto theft, homicides, and burglaries.

A Lesson For Other Soft on Crime Officials

Chesa Boudin is already lashing out at the residents of San Francisco who want him out of office. Yet, the current recall the district attorney is facing could very well serve as a lesson to other officials with soft on crime leanings.

At the end of the day, people across the country are deciding they don’t want to live in communities where riding the subway or walking down the street is not safe.

Therefore, officials who insist on letting criminals skate by with little to no consequences will very well likely find themselves facing recalls or being voted out of office.

San Francisco is not a conservative, right-wing community by any stretch of the imagination. This, alone, shows that amongst everyday people, opposition to crime-ridden places is not inherently partisan.

Do you believe the district attorney of San Francisco should ultimately be recalled due to the rampant crime rates that have been happening on his watch? Will other officials in the country take heed of what’s happening to Chesa Boudin?

Let us know what you predict in the comments area.