The Post Office May Soon Be Using More Electric Vehicles

Over the course of this year, Americans have gotten an earful of promotions regarding electric vehicles. As gas prices get higher by the week, it seems, the Biden administration continues to push electric vehicles.

Vice President Kamala Harris keeps on praising electrical vehicles as the next big thing. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claims Americans should purchase electric vehicles to avoid current gas prices.

Biden himself even admitted that he views the present costs of gas as a transformation away from dependence upon fossil fuels.

Environmental activist groups are also fully on board with the push for widespread use of electric vehicles. It is for this reason that the United States Postal Service (USPS) may soon be using these vehicles going forward, per Newsmax.

New Changes Coming to USPS?

The Postal Service has been taking a lot of heat from special interest groups that want it to switch over to electric vehicles. The pressure appears to have gotten to USPS.

Louis DeJoy, the Postmaster-General, released a statement about steps that USPS will be taking going forward.

According to DeJoy, USPS is going to look more into heightening its fleet “electrification,” along with releasing an environmental impact statement (EIS) with a published addendum.

DeJoy also made it clear that USPS is going to fine-tune its strategy of operations. In this statement, the USPS Postmaster General did not lay out a specific timeline for when these modifications will be completed.

Likewise, it doesn’t specifically vow to purchase electric vehicles; although the implication is strongly there.

The reality that 90% of USPS trucks are fueled by gas caused massive backlash from congressional Democrats, left-wing attorney generals, the Environmental Protection Agency, and, of course, environmental activists.

A Waste of Resources?

America is facing central supply shortages, unaffordable gas, rising inflation, back-to-back mass shootings, a mental health crisis, and so many other issues that are having extremely discernible impacts on people’s lives.

In light of this, some Americans have suggested that strong-arming USPS into switching over to electric vehicles is a waste of money.

It also hasn’t helped Democrats’ cause that some officials want to completely phase out gas-fueled vehicles amongst the general public. Many people cannot afford electric vehicles, especially given the current state of the economy.

However, this hasn’t discouraged states like California from moving towards a mandate that only allows for electric vehicles to be driven.

At the rate things are going, the United States has a bevy of other issues to face and fix before pushing USPS (or anyone, for that matter) into using electric vehicles.

What do you think about pressure for USPS to begin driving electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments feed below if you view this as something that should be a priority in America.