The Truth About US Basketball Star Jailed in Russia

Brittney Griner is a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) player who was arrested in Russia in mid-February of this year. She’s been in jail there ever since.

Griner was headed to Russia to play basketball. She was arrested at Moscow airport for allegedly being in possession of cannabis products in her vape pen.

Griner is a far-left individual who has specifically refused to stand for the American National Anthem and made it clear where she stands on America; she thinks it’s racist and bad.

Whereas now she and her wife have been begging the US government to do all it can to get her out of jail in Russia. She could be behind bars for ten more years under drug charges if found guilty.

Griner Pleads Guilty

At this point, Griner’s case is not looking good. She pleaded guilty this week to the charges, but said she was unaware of Russia’s strict drug laws regarding weed.

The thing with that is ignorance of a law doesn’t excuse you from punishment for the law. Griner is no longer in America where she can play victim and the media and people will care.

Russians don’t care. In fact, there’s a lot of speculation she is intentionally being over-punished as a way to hold leverage over the US, due to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

Griner is not going to get out of this by playing victim or crying about race or her LGBT identity. She’s only going to get out of Russia in one very simple way: by relying on the strength and intimidating factor of the US government.

That same nation she feels is so racist and backward is the one nation which now has the clout to potentially try to get Griner freed via a prisoner exchange and other high-level negotiations.

Unfortunately for her, the Biden regime is one of the most incompetent and malicious administrations we’ve seen in the past century, but even Secretary of State Tony Blinken has far more power than any European or Canadian official.

Russia may hate America, but they still have some healthy fear of it.

How Likely is a Prisoner Exchange?

Russia said a prisoner exchange is one potential possibility, but it won’t be considered until Griner is convicted or not of the charges against her.

It looks like if there is a swap, Russia wants leading arms dealer Viktor Bout out of jail. Bout, who funneled weapons to anti-American fighters for decades, was sentenced to 25 years in jail in 2012.

He is currently incarcerated in the United States. If he was let out for Griner, it would be a very bad deal. Though if Biden does go ahead and do something like that down the road, Griner should be coming back waving an American flag.

She should never sit for the National Anthem again in her life.