This Year’s Thanksgiving Won’t Be Like Ones Before It

Thanksgiving is a holiday that Americans nationwide and of all political views look forward to. More often than not, Thanksgiving is a time for people to gather with loved ones, remember all they’re thankful for, and have large feasts for dinner.

Unfortunately, with inflation and interest rates going through the skyline, it’s harder and harder for Americans to have Thanksgiving to look forward to.

That’s because the price of gathering to be with relatives, purchasing Thanksgiving dinner, etc., is far more expensive than it used to be.

Biden, meanwhile, is refusing to face or accept this. Just over the weekend, during the president’s time in California, he was caught on camera eating ice cream and declaring the nation’s economy to be “strong as hell.”

Tragically, all evidence points to the contrary, as reported by Breitbart News.

What to Expect During This Year’s Thanksgiving

New information released by Personal Capital is very alarming indeed. According to the pollster, about 20% of Americans are questioning whether they’ll be able to afford to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2022.

At the same time, roughly 25% are planning to sit out this year’s Thanksgiving in the spirit of saving money. This information is truly alarming, especially as it happens under the president who branded his 2020 campaign on “building back better.”

Even Americans who are going to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving this year will have far less comfort and security than they did in the past.

This is demonstrated by Personal Capital revealing that about 33% of Americans who do celebrate this year expect to have a smaller Thanksgiving dinner than in prior years. Meanwhile, 45% admit the upcoming holiday has them under financial stress.

Additional Causes of Concern

More surveys from Personal Capital inform the nation that pluralities of Americans are having to resort to new steps that make Thanksgiving less costly.

Some examples of such steps include not traveling, not buying at least one traditional dinner dish, using coupons at stores, purchasing smaller turkeys, and making price comparisons before purchases.

As one might expect, the Biden administration hasn’t put out any statements about what America’s up against with Thanksgiving approaching. Instead, the president is too busy trying to get Americans to vote for Democrats.

These latest economic developments impacting the nation are all the more reason why Americans shouldn’t vote Democratic in the midterms, though. If kept in power, a left-wing congressional majority will continue to put through policies that are in the nation’s worst interests.

In order for Americans to even have a chance in 2023 or 2024, getting Republicans back in control of Congress is an absolute must.

Are you having to change your Thanksgiving plans this year because of inflation and high prices? In the area for comments, please feel free to let us know.