TikTok is Facing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites today, with millions of users.

It’s known for people making catchy, attention-grabbing videos, dancing along to music, and otherwise having what seems to be fun. Unfortunately, however, there’s a dark side to TikTok as well.

The site is known for having various “challenges” where users engage in often dangerous activities for the purposes of entertainment, viewership, etc.

Some of these challenges have involved people eating Tide Pods, running up to people and then slapping them, or even choking themselves until they lose consciousness.

Unfortunately, the latter is known as the “Blackout Challenge” and a ten-year-old girl who partook in it is now dead. In light of this, the TikTok is now being sued by the girl’s family, according to Fox News.

New Legal Problems For TikTok

This past December, Nylah Anderson lost her life at only ten years of age after trying the Blackout Challenge on Tiktok. According to the young girl’s parents, TikTok provided her with a video that eventually led to her death.

In the federal lawsuit, Nylah’s family accuses TikTok of fatal negligence. It is also the family’s view that TikTok negated its responsibility to screen content that very young children have access to.

In addition to this, TikTok is charged with lacking safety protocols and putting its own financial gain first, thereby manipulating young and impressionable users of the platform.

This would not mark the first time the social media company has gotten into hot water for content it displays and shares with its users.

Within the past couple of years, there’s also been renewed attention to how social media sites are impacting the mental health of children using them.

Pushback From TikTok and More

Amid the federal lawsuit, TikTok hasn’t hesitated to share its own version of events with the public.

The company currently says any content that encourages hazardous conduct goes against its community guidelines. Furthermore, TikTok claims the Blackout Challenge never trended on its site.

However, TikTok’s landed in hot water before for what it allegedly allows on the platform.

Earlier this year, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott slammed TikTok for allowing cartels to use the site to search for human smugglers. Abbott said the company should be ashamed of itself and warned that legal action might possibly follow this development.

Time will ultimately tell what comes from the lawsuit against TikTok. Meanwhile, all of this brings attention to the danger of various risky, online “challenges” that people are encouraged to partake in.

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