Trump Destroys CNN as Far-Left Network Backpedals on ‘Big Lie’

(TV snapshot from C-Span)

President Donald Trump delivered a devastating public blow to CNN.

The far-left, Marxist network has begun backpedaling on its big lies about the “Big Lie”, i.e. the claim that Trump’s suspicions about the fairness and integrity of the 2020 presidential are entirely deceitful.

CNN’s Big Lie Fiasco After Its Sex Scandal Fiasco

Ever since the last presidential election in November 2020, serious doubts have been emerging about how exactly Democrat Joe Biden got to win.

During the entire period of close to two years now, CNN has been engaging in vile anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and anti-conservative propaganda.

CNN anchors have also been describing concerns about the 2020 White House race as “the Big Lie.”

Towards the end of last week, there were reports that Chris Licht, the new president of CNN, is talking some sense into the staff of the far-left communist network.

Licht banned CNN anchors from using the phrase “Big Lie” to insist that Trump’s claims about the 2020 election are false.

Licht took the helm at CNN after the nauseating sex and political connections scandal involving his predecessor Jeff Zucker and the Cuomo brothers blew wide open, forcing Zucker’s resignation.

President Donald Trump reacted to the reports about the ban of the “Big Lie” fibs on CNN by mocking and exposing the overt hypocrisy of the far-left network.

Recordings of Zucker’s private comments leaked by Project Veritas reveal how proud the disgraced ex-chief of the network was that since 2016, CNN had been all about “destroying” Trump.

Yet, now it was the turn of Trump for some payback after years of propaganda abuse against him.

(TV snapshot from C-Span)

More From Trump

Trump spoke on Saturday night at a rally outside Memphis, Tennessee as part of his American Freedom Tour, as cited by The Daily Mail.

He declared CNN management has now finally figured out it is “legally liable” for its anchors to use the term “Big Lie.”

Furthermore, Trump stressed the new chief of “fake news CNN” also realized something far more important, namely that “it wasn’t a ‘Big Lie.’”

According to the recent report by Mediaite, CNN’s president Chris Licht ordered an end to the “Big Lie” touting because it constitutes a Democratic slogan.

The cited CNN source said Licht told his subordinates to instead use other “options,” such as “election lie” or “Trump’s election lie,” – although that information is yet to be confirmed.

In his Memphis speech, President Trump also went after Joe “Multiple Crisis” Biden, exposing him as “the worst president” in the history of the United States of America.

POTUS 45 furthermore described the official outcome of the 2020 election as “the worst thing” that “could have happened” to America.

He emphasized the true “Big Lie” was “what they were doing” – a reference to the Marxist-Communist-dominated Democrat Party and its mainstream media stooges, like CNN.