Trump Sends Direct Warning to Woke Schools

Across the country, children are consistently being indoctrinated with woke, far-left views, such as critical race theory. As parents make it clear they don’t want these types of ideologies being forced on their kids, schools and educators aren’t paying attention.

This is therefore forcing various states to take action. However, there’s growing support for steps at the federal level to combat what’s going on.

As the 2024 presidential election continues, education, wokeness in schools, and efforts to protect children are becoming increasingly more discussed issues.

To this end, former President Trump just made a critical promise, as pointed out by the Gateway Pundit.

During a campaign event in Iowa, Trump said schools that insist on forcing wokeness upon students will lose federal funding if he’s reelected. Trump also made it clear that he’d see to this by signing an executive order.

In addition to purging wokeness from schools, Trump furthermore promised supporters that he’d protect women’s sports and put a stop to child mutilation which happens under the guise of “gender-affirming care.”

Later during his speech, Trump said he wouldn’t drag his feet on implementing these policies. Vowing to make them happen on “day one,” the former president told his supporters that no one else has taken a more upfront stance on these issues than him.

As the election continues, other candidates in the race will be expected to share their plans for protecting children, keeping wokeness out of schools, and ensuring that schools are educating young people, instead of indoctrinating them.

Like Trump, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has made a point of sounding the alarm about wokeness and the indoctrination of young kids. As DeSantis clashes with Trump for the nomination, he’s repeatedly deferred to his own record as governor when it comes to taking on these issues facing Americans.