Trump Slams His Former White House Aide

Many Americans are familiar with Alyssa Farah Griffin as one of the current co-hosts of The View. Griffin stepped in as the conservative on the panel, not long after Meghan McCain left.

However, before Griffin’s time on The View, she also worked for former President Trump in his White House. Since then, Griffin’s been clear that she’s not on board with Trump anymore, nor is she supportive of his current efforts to be reelected as president.

In the aftermath of a town hall that Trump did with CNN, Griffin claimed he lost support, voters, and turned off a significant amount of moderate and Independent voters.

According to Fox News, Trump has since responded to her statements.

Trump’s Response to Griffin

Taking to Truth Social, Trump alleged that Griffin is not just a “sleazebag,” but also a “loser.” The former president even claimed his former White House aide followed in the footsteps of others who had positive things to say about his administration until they left it.

In addition to branding Griffin as a “backbencher,” Trump also shared a video that showed her praising his White House and speaking of it in positive terms.

The Latest From Griffin

Taking to Twitter, Griffin declared that any Republican is a better option than Trump in the 2024 presidential election. However, the current co-host of The View said she’s most looking forward to the candidacies of Will Hurd, Tim Scott, and Chris Sununu.

In previous comments about her former boss, Griffin also branded him as a “raving lunatic” who threw his support behind Russia’s president, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Supporters of the former president have largely cheered on his attacks, branding Griffin as someone who is not only disloyal, but also a “Republican in Name Only (RINO).”

Time will tell if Trump and Griffin exchange any more blows within the public eye.