Trust in Media’s COVID Coverage Reaches a New Low

For years, at this point, the mainstream media has been under fire for the way it goes about reporting news. Many people, and conservatives in particular, believe certain factions of the media care more about promoting agendas than reporting the news in unbiased manners.

The media tends to dismiss and deny these claims. However, they’re not going away as time passes.

As a matter of fact, COVID coverage has restored criticism of how the media covers information happening in the country. According to Breitbart News, a recent poll shows that five in ten Americans believe COVID is being overhyped by the mainstream press.

Another Hit to the Media’s Credibility

According to Rasmussen Reports, since July 2021, there’s been a 6% rise in Americans who think the media is exaggerating the dangers posed by COVID. To date, 50% of Americans hold this view, while only 44% of the country believed this in July 2021.

The poll has even worse news for the mainstream media, however. Today, only one in ten Americans believe the press has done an “excellent” job of reporting on this virus. Just 25% described the coverage as “good.”

Meanwhile, only 40% of Americans think the mainstream media is honestly reporting the details about the effectiveness and safety of COVID vaccines.

This tidbit of information arrives as the medical community is rolling out additional COVID vaccines, despite saying the current ones that are available remain effective and safe.

As some people might imagine, Rasmussen Reports’ data revealed Democrats are more likely than Republicans and Independents to have positive outlooks on how the media is covering news about this virus.

The Rise of COVID Fatigue

This week, Kaiser released a poll showing that strong majorities of Independents, Republicans, and even Democrats are sick of fighting COVID.

Many people, in a nutshell, are simply ready to move on. Folks want to travel, be with their loved ones, and live their lives. Moreover, people want to do this without endless restrictions and mandates being imposed upon them.

After just about two years of hearing about this virus, more and more people have had enough. At the end of the day, Biden was not able to make good on his promise of beating the virus.

Despite all the vaccines being rolled out, with new ones on the way, it couldn’t be plainer that we’re all going to have to learn to live with COVID, one way or the other.

The government cannot continue to use this virus as a weapon to dictate and control the lives of the American people.

What do you think of the new Rasmussen Reports poll showing that half of the country doesn’t trust the media’s coverage of the virus? Let us know in the comments area below.