Ukraine Makes Major Decision Amid Ongoing War With Russia

For over a year, Ukraine has been deadlocked in a war against Russia. This war promptly began when Russia opted to invade the smaller country, in the hopes of easily claiming its territory.

However, this plan did not pan out so well. Not only is Ukraine still fighting back against Russian invaders, but it’s also receiving significant help from various countries around the world that are aligned with Western values.

As the world watches, Ukraine has been steadily gaining the upper hand against Russia. Now, breaking news from The Week shines a light on what it looks like Ukraine will do next in order to defend its homeland.

A Close Look at What’s Happening on the Ground

Currently, Ukraine is working to regain control of Bakhmut, a community belonging to them that Russia stole. In order to make sure this is a successful endeavor, Ukraine looks to be preparing for a total surrounding of the city.

Going this route will supply Ukraine with the tactical advantages it needs to take back Bakhmut. This is an area where Russia has already claimed victory and bragged about stealing, despite the community not truly belonging to them.

Since this war began, Ukraine was clear at each and every turn that it will never back down or cede territory to Russia.

It Continues

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess how much longer the battle between Ukraine and Russia will go on. What is clear, however, is that Russia started this thing and Putin has no intention of voluntarily pulling back.

As things stand today, much of the Western world is rooting for Ukraine to win this fight and come out on top. There are understandable concerns about the global horrors that await if Russia were to actually succeed and take over the nation of Ukraine in its entirety.