Ukrainian Refugees May Soon Be Coming to America

The situation in Ukraine continues to be extremely dire.

Thanks to the attacks from Russian leader Putin, Ukraine is approaching a fourth week of fighting off Russian troops and otherwise defending themselves and their people.

In the weeks this battle has drawn out, the Russian president has grown increasingly belligerent and seemingly unstable. Putin never anticipated that striking Ukraine would result in a weeks-long endeavor.

While the Russian despot expected to easily claim Ukraine as his own, the events since late February prove just how much Putin underestimated Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Putin’s own country is taking some serious hits as countless sanctions are imposed upon the Russian economy by myriad western nations.

The war in Ukraine has caused many people to flee while displacing countless others. Ukrainian people are therefore in a very tight spot and looking for refuge.

Meanwhile, Biden has gone on the record and declared the United States will always be open to providing shelter for Ukrainian refugees, per Breitbart News.

Biden on Ukrainian Refugees

On Friday, Biden spoke about the ongoing war in Europe during an event for House Democrats. The president declared that if refugees of Ukraine are able to make it to the United States, they’ll be welcomed into the nation with wide-open arms.

Furthermore, Biden stated that America will remain unified with our various allies around the world in order to send a message. According to the president, this message means that “every inch” of territory belonging to NATO will be safeguarded.

The president’s remarks came around the same timeframe in which Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to mistakenly claim that Ukraine was a part of NATO.

Since being sent to Europe to show support for the people of Ukraine, Harris’ means of conducting herself during press interviews has engendered some backlash.

More to the Story

Biden’s declaration that America will open its arms to refugees fleeing war is all well and good.

However, in the time since Biden’s remarks, many Americans have pointed out that there’s more to the story. As a matter of fact, some people here in the states blame Biden for his foreign policy approaches.

The last time Russia targeted Ukraine was in 2014; this time, Biden was vice president under the Obama administration.

For Russia to directly target Ukraine again, with Biden as president now, marks a very clear pattern. It shows America’s enemies know that having Biden in power means a free ride with impunity.

It’s interesting and ironic, however. When Trump was in office, Russia never dared to strike Ukraine; yet, Democrats insisted that Putin was somehow controlling Trump.

With less than 16 months of Biden being in office, Russia has launched a war in Ukraine as Putin openly threatens the United States. Democrats, meanwhile, are silent.

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