United States Postal Service Used Over Fossil Fuel Usage

The various debates and policy clashes when it comes to the US energy sector are rippling out and having some major impacts on Americans’ lives.

Last January, 11,000 hardworking Americans lost their jobs when the president removed the permit for Keystone XL pipeline to remain functional.

To this very day, the Biden administration and other left-wing interest groups are very set on attacking natural resources and trying to replace them with “clean energy” and other similar substitutes.

Meanwhile, gas prices are many times more costly than they need to be. At the same time, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has now been dragged into energy policy wars, according to The Hill.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against USPS

The United Auto Workers Union, along with climate change organizations and 16 different (and mostly left-wing) states, are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against USPS.

In effect, this lawsuit sues the Postal Service over its choice to use vehicles that rely on fossil fuels in order to operate. This lawsuit comes against the backdrop of an executive order that pushes for federal government bodies to make carbon neutrality a target.

USPS naturally falls under the umbrella of the federal government. Therefore, climate change groups and others involved in the lawsuit would like the Postal Service to transition to electric vehicles.

California’s attorney general has described this as an “investment” that USPS should make in the planet at large.

Finally, when it comes to electric vehicles, the ongoing lawsuit is accusing the Postal Service of exaggerating battery costs and minimizing the associated mileage.

The endgame of this lawsuit, in a nutshell, is to make USPS ensure that all mail is delivered via electric vehicles.

Bigger Fish to Fry?

Since news of this lawsuit broke, many people have gone on various social media sites to weigh in on the development.

The lawsuit took criticism from some folks who said there are different priorities the country should be focusing on. Others mentioned that forcing USPS to purchase electric vehicles could have negative ramifications on American taxpayers.

This warning comes at a time when USPS announced it would be raising the prices of stamps and other goods and services it offers. This is a direct result of the costs of supplies, labor, etc., rising.

This, alone, allows for a solid argument that the Postal Service isn’t in the position to be spending top dollar on electric vehicles just to make Democrats and climate change advocates happy.

What do you think about the lawsuit against the United States Postal Service? Do you believe this lawsuit is frivolous or one with merit? Please be sure to share your ideas about all of this in the comments area down below.