US Assistant Health Secretary Pushes For Kids to Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgeries, Therapies

Gender reassignment is impactful and, by definition, life-changing. When someone undergoes surgeries or therapies that alter their bodies, hormones, etc., it impacts how they’re seen in the world, what their bodies are capable of, fertility, and more.

There are some adults who choose to undergo these surgeries or therapies; most people would agree that if adults want to make that choice, it’s their business.

However, as of late, there’s been a push for children to make decisions to undergo these life-altering procedures, if they feel as though it’s the right thing for them.

Critics of this have pointed out that children aren’t mature enough to understand the ramifications of these decisions.

Nevertheless, this isn’t stopping US assistant health secretary Rachel Levine from advocating that children be able to undergo gender reassignment surgery, per The Hill.

Levine on “Gender Affirming Care”

During a healthcare panel, Levine called for children to have access to “gender affirming care.”

In actuality, this type of “care” involves young kids undergoing puberty blockers or other hormones that stop their development during their formative years.

Surgeries that alter kids’ private parts and other critical parts of their bodies also fall under the umbrella of “gender affirming care.”

During additional remarks on the panel, the assistant health secretary said these hormones and surgeries for young kids will prevent suicides and support overall mental health.

Yet, Levine said nothing about the issues that many parents and others have with kids not being mature or aware enough to make permanent choices like this about their bodies, lives, and futures.

However, the assistant health secretary did mention that other healthcare professionals are allegedly on board with kids being able to change their genders and take hormones that alter their bodies and fertility.

No Word on Detransitioners

In all the remarks Levine made in favor of children being able to undergo sex changes and similar procedures, there was no word about detransitioners.

There are, in fact, some people who underwent these surgeries and hormones at young ages, only to later regret it. These people are known as detransitioners and have been very vocal about their experiences and regrets.

Some said they were confused at the time about themselves, which is not especially uncommon for children.

Others declared they felt as though gender transitioning was something they were supposed to do or were pressured into, only to later regret it.

Apparently, the stories of detransitioners just didn’t fit within the clear agenda of the US assistant health secretary.

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