US Producers Have Very Bad News for Democrats

Since the inception of America’s current supply chain crisis, the Democrats have consistently undermined the seriousness of this problem. Furthermore, they’ve also sought to dismiss concerns expressed by the American public and mislead people about what’s really happening.

First, they claimed the supply chain was due to a higher demand for various goods. Then, the Biden administration falsely professed that Americans who purchase goods online are the ones responsible for issues with the supply chain.

At no time have Democrats taken accountability for the role they’ve had in backed-up ports, trucker shortages, and more. It’s almost as if leftists are counting on Americans forgetting about the matter entirely.

Yet, according to Fox Business, the supply chain is actually going to make a huge difference in 2022, especially with the midterm elections coming up.

The 2022 Ramifications of America’s Supply Chain Crisis

According to US production giant, the Consumer Brand Association, the consequences of the supply chain are just getting started. This organization has gone on the record, stating that in light of the damages done to the economy, the supply chain will matter greatly in the 2022 elections.

On top of this, the Consumer Brand Association warned America faces an “inflection point” as this country’s voters look for solutions to restore functionality and order to the supply chain.

Voters who live in battleground states have also expressed that the time to step in and fix the crisis is rapidly ending. The supply chain has been an issue for months and months on end now; yet, there’s nothing coming from the Biden administration that even remotely resembles a solution.

There is no doubt Republicans are going to hold Democrats’ feet to the fire when it comes to both the supply chain and a plethora of other issues. Seeing as Democrats currently monopolize the federal government, they won’t be able to pass the buck.

Getting America Back on Track

Over the course of this year, poll after poll has demonstrated Americans are not pleased with the current direction the nation is on. People don’t like having to pay more for basic goods and struggling to find those goods in the first place.

Many Americans find increasing reports of drug smuggling and human trafficking happening at the border to be disturbing. This is all avoidable and could be stopped, were the Biden administration to implement and enforce immigration laws at the southern border.

The supply chain crisis will certainly matter during the 2022 congressional elections. However, it is certainly not the only pressing matter that will be on the ballot next year.

What do you think about the current conditions of the US supply chain? We’re interested to read about your thoughts below in the comments area.