Vice President Raises Speculation About Campaigning For Warnock

In Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker is running to oust Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock. Warnock and Walker are neck-in-neck with one another. Both candidates were also forced into a runoff after neither of them won over 50% during the state’s midterm.

With Walker and Warnock both in the running, the momentum for endorsements is picking up very quickly.

Gov. Brian Kemp, who recently secured reelection in Georgia, has started campaigning for Walker. Meanwhile, there’s talk about having Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also come down to Georgia in order to stump for Walker.

On Warnock’s side, getting big-name Democrats out to rally for him is an objective for those who want him to win. Though lately, there’s been some confusion about whether or not Vice President Kamala Harris will campaign for Warnock, as confirmed by Townhall.

Harris Steers Clear?

This Tuesday, the vice president was directly asked by the media whether or not she would go to Georgia to help stump for Warnock. To this end, Harris claimed she was unsure and still determining her schedule for parts of this week.

Many Americans were taken aback by this. If Warnock does win the Senate seat, this will grant Democrats 51 seats, a clear majority, in the chamber. However, the vice president’s favorability, or lack thereof, is seen by some as a liability.

It’s also why Biden is not scheduled to head down to Georgia, but former President Obama is. Whether or not Harris ultimately stumps for Warnock remains to be seen.

Though if her latest response is any indication, Democrats shouldn’t hold their breath waiting to see the vice president in the Peach State.

A Liability For Walker

As Herschel Walker tries to oust Warnock and keep Republicans from losing another Senate seat, there are some things that could prove as serious obstacles.

For one thing, Walker’s campaign is closely associated with former President Trump. Though during the midterms, many of Trump’s endorsed, handpicked candidates went down in flames at the ballot box.

Furthermore, many Republicans are so nervous about Trump potentially hurting Walker’s chances that they’re pressing the former president to steer clear of Georgia.

Even Trump’s former White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, said Trump should keep his distance, while DeSantis should be welcomed.

At this rate, the Walker vs. Warnock runoff election could go either way, regardless of whether or not the vice president chooses to campaign for the latter.

Do you believe it’s strange that Vice President Kamala Harris has not committed to stumping for the Democratic candidate in a critical Senate election? What do you think could be influencing Harris as she makes a decision?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.