Vice President Under Fire for Poorly Timed Tweet

There’s a lot happening in the country, and in the world, for that matter, at this time.

Right now, America is in the midst of an inflation disaster, diminishing public safety levels, ongoing threats against personal liberties, etc. That’s not to mention the war in Ukraine, which is already impacting the United States.

At this point in time, many people are on edge everywhere and tensions are high. Unfortunately, the White House has done absolutely nothing to provide clarity, safety, or assurance to the American people.

However, Vice President Kamala Harris did take time out of her busy schedule to promote “The Equality Act,” a bill in Congress that’s being hailed by Democrats as protection for LGBTQ+ Americans, as Red State documents.

A Glimpse into the Priorities of the Vice President

On Thursday, Harris decided it would be prudent to urge Congress to pass the Equality Act so Biden could sign it into law. The vice president also claimed that states are passing various bills that attack transgender individuals.

In actuality, what states are doing is passing legislation that prohibits underage children from receiving permanent gender transition surgeries or taking hormones that permanently alter their natural development.

Likewise, the bills that Harris deemed as harmful to transgender Americans also decree that only biological females are allowed to play on girls’ sports teams.

This is done not out of malice for transgender individuals, but because of biological differences between biological males and biological females.

Democrats don’t like this and have therefore declared passing the Equality Act is a must. However, the vice president’s promotion of this tweet didn’t go over so well.

Many people responded to Harris, tweeting back that America should first focus on not allowing the war in Europe to spiral out of control.

Out of Touch with the American Public

Various members of the White House, from Biden on down, continue to make different statements that demonstrate how out of touch they are with the American people.

Days ago, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh was asked about how the Biden administration plans to cut back on inflation; however, Walsh didn’t have any solutions to share with the public on this matter.

Countless polls have shown significant dissatisfaction with the directions that Biden, Harris, and the rest of the administration are taking the nation.

If the vice president was serious about making the county better for Americans, perhaps she would be talking to her boss about ending Russian oil imports into the United States, something that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are supportive of.

What do you think about the vice president’s statements about the Equality Act, with all that’s happening in the world? In the comments area, be sure to share your views.