Vice Presidential Advisers Left Reeling After 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris did not have a good year in 2021. Despite being sworn into office as the first female vice president in United States history, Harris has faced a series of problems.

One of those problems entails low favorability ratings; the other issues deal with the overall lack of national support for the Biden administration. This comes in addition to reports of the vice president reportedly clashing with President Biden.

To top it all off, the vice president lost several staffers last year; since then, reports indicate that other people working for Harris are just biding their time until they turn in resignation papers.

In light of all this, advisers to the current vice president are hopeful that the future for them looks better than the past, as reported by Fox News.

Reviewing the Morale of Harris Aides

In a nutshell, aides to the vice president want to restore her public image after the hits she’s taken in 2021. This means getting Harris’ poll numbers out of the toilet and furthermore making her appear in alignment with Biden.

Some of the most challenging issues Harris faced in 2021 were the means by which she handled the southern border, along with different questions in interviews.

In order to rectify this, the vice president’s aides believe Harris’ time campaigning for leftist midterm candidates will redeem her in the eyes of the public. However, it’s questionable whether or not this will have the impact her aides wish.

For starters, public sentiment is largely starting to turn against Democrats. Americans are frustrated with economic matters, such as inflation. Harris, like the rest of the Biden administration, isn’t addressing inflation at all.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that Americans will be highly receptive to seeing her stumping for fellow Democrats ahead of November’s midterms.

Overall Failure of the Biden Administration

All in all, the Biden administration is a sinking ship. It’s going down and as vice president, Harris is indubitably tethered to this regime. This means as the Biden administration sinks, she has no path forward, other than to sink along with it.

Time and time again, the Biden administration has shown a lack of regard for the interests of the American public. Harris is right there with this regime in backing destructive spending bills, authoritarian medical mandates, and other bad policies.

There’s no real way for the vice president to separate herself from the fallout of an administration that she’s second in command of. Therefore, Harris’ aides are going to have quite a hard time seriously reviving her image.

What do you think of Vice President Kamala Harris in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below whether or not you believe her aides are going to succeed in bettering her image this year.